Yiren's Academic Projects

Quadrotor control, path planning and trajectory optimization

  • Quadrotor PD controller
  • Path planning algorithms (Dijkstra, A*)
  • Trajectory optimizations (Minimum Snap/Acceleration Trajectory)

Seamless face replacement in videos

  • Implemented a pipeline for automatic face replacement in videos
  • Thin-Plate Spline (TPS) face warping
  • Log-Polar carving
  • RANSAC episodic matching

Image Mosaic and Stitching

  • Adaptive Non-Maximal Suppression (ANMS)
  • Geometric blur
  • RANSAC image descriptors matching
  • Image homographic warping, stitching and blending

3D Localization and Mapping based on ICP

  • Implemented efficient Iterative Closest Points (ICP) for 3d reconstruction
  • Normal-space sampling
  • Point-to-plane Optimization

Partile Filter based SLAM

  • Occupancy grid mapping
  • Monte carlo particle filter
  • Ground detection

Path Planning - Imitation Learning

  • Hand designed image features
  • Learn a cost-to-go map by supervised imitation learning

Orientation Tracking based on Unscented Kalman Filter

  • Implemeted Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF)
  • Sensor fusion of accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Quatornions
  • 3D cylindral image stitching

Twitter Users Gender Classification

  • 92% classification accuracy based on 5000 users’ tweets and profile pictures

Autonomous Indoor Robot Platform

  • A robotics platform I built during undergrad.