My name is Yiren Lu (卢佚仁).

I am a second year master student majored in Robotics at GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania, where I served as a teaching assistant of CIS 520: Machine Learning course. My research interests are machine learning, machine perception and robotics. I am currently working on reinforcement learning with Prof. Daniel Lee.

Previously, I spent half-year as a research intern at Microsoft Research Asia working on computer vision advised by Prof. Wenjun Zeng, and Dr. Cuiling Lan. I also did summer SWE internships at Google and Morgan Stanley. For more details, please visit my linkedin profile.

A collection of my academic projects are here. Some of my projects are open sourced at Github. Starting from 2017 I am also keeping a technical blog.


Interesting Facts

  • I made my first bucket of money by developing a web application based on Flash AS3 in high school
  • I was able to recover a 3x3 Rubik's cube in 35s (And I solved V-cube 7 and Megaminx independently)
  • In college, I was fond of graphic design
  • My first iOS App - TimePie gets 18k+ downloads on Appstore (now down)
  • I like playing ping pong, pool, foosball, and yes, video games